Scissors Lifts

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Aktar Ramjeet - Head of Sales
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  • Low profile design maximizes your work shop space use.
  • No cross beam or torsion bars between two platforms makes easy access to vehicle.
  • Connection rod on one each side makes lift no swaying.
  • Pneumatic mechanical lock automatically engaged when finger leaves up/down button.
  • Extendable drive on ramps can be used as additional platforms for accommodating long base vehicles.
  • All pivot joints made with self-lubrication brushing for long time use.
  • Reliable cylinder, chrome-plating honed tube and piston rod, providing long service life.
  • Anti-surge valve prevents sudden lowering in case hydraulic hose broken.
  • Alarm buzzes all the way down to ground, for safety concern.
  • Aluminium shell motor with fan on the top ensures longer running life.
  • Low voltage controls match CE approvals.
Model EE-6501 EE-6503
Lifting capacity 3200KG 3000KG
Full rise 1900mm 1800mm (above ground)
Min height 100mm 270mm
Capacity of motor 2.2KW 2.2KW
Electricity supply Single phase/Three phase Single phase/Three phase
Air supply 6-8kg/cm2 6-8kg/cm2
Full rise time 50S 50S
Weight 900KG 798KG



Single Post Lifts

  • Space saving single post structure suitable for family parking and quick service in workshop.
  • The concept of mobile column makes lift flexible, that is, you may move the lift to wherever you want in the workshop or garage.
  • 2500KG lifting capacity can be well applicable to most vehicles.
  • Just press one button to operate, instead of pulling safety lock release handle while pressing manual lowering valve.
  • 24V control system against unexpected hurt or injury caused by electricity leakage.
  • Aluminium motor prevents overheating.
  • Anti-surge valve that is equipped in hydraulic joint ensures no danger in case the oil hose is broken.
  • Each of the four lifting arms can be easily extended and rotated, convenient to find picking up point of different vehicles.
  • Round screw-up lifting pad adapts to chassis with various height.
  • Particular designed protection cloth brings the lift as a whole in appearance.
Model EE-612E EE-612FE
Lfting capacity 2500KG 2500KG
Full rise 1800mm 1800mm
Min height 110mm 9500
Capacity motor 2.2KW 2.2KW
Electricity supply Single phase/Three phase Single phase/Three phase
Full rise time 35S 35S
Weight 810KG 780KG

Two Post Lifts

Model EE-6253 EE-6254
EE-6253E EE-6254E
Lifting capacity 3200KG – 4000KG 5000KG
Motor 2.2KW 3.0KW
Voltage Single phase / Three phase Three phase
Full rise time 50S-55S 60S
Full rise 1900mm/74.8"
A1. Full rise with short height adapter 1945mm/776.6"
A2. Full rise with long height adapter 1990mm/78.3"
Height overall 2910mm/114.6" 2912mm/115"
Width overall 3420mm/135" 4028mm/158.6"
Drive-thru clearance 2568mm/101" 3006mm/118.3"
Min reach (front arm) 740mm/29.1" 894mm/35.2"
Max reach (front arm) 1150mm/45.3" 1800mm/70.9"
Min reach 890mm/35" 894mm/35.2"
Max reach (rear arm) 1390mm/55" 1800mm/70.9"
Min height 90mm/3.5" 100mm/3.9"
J1. Min height with short height adapter 135mm/5.3" 145mm/5.7"
J2. Min height with long height adapter 180mm/7.1" 190mm/7.5"
Inside columns 2830mm/111.4" 3342mm/132"